Our Approach

We focus on growing and building value in companies that provide services or products to businesses — regardless of earnings dilution during the development stage. Through our approach, the principals of Focus Equity Partners grow portfolio companies into mid-size companies with business models that are easily scalable to accommodate future growth.

Our Overall Strategy

  • Creating integrated business systems and processes that streamline all phases of the business, from sales to the back office
  • Recruiting key executives and sales and technical personnel
  • Developing marketing programs that bring added value to the customer
  • Developing and implementing employee compensation plans that effectively align employee motivation with company goals

Managing Your Company

As a trusted partner and team member, we assume a hands-on approach to managing your business, including:

  • Developing top management
  • Developing and approving strategy, company direction and ethics
  • Working closely with management to recruit personnel with critical skills
  • Strengthening sales and marketing
  • Applying information technology to operating and reporting systems on an integrated basis
  • Developing strong financial relationships to fuel growth, lower costs and provide enhanced customer value and services

Please contact us if you are are interested in learning more about Focus Equity Partners.